I’ll sway with the breeze…

So let’s shower her with as much love and affection as we can till we have her with us.” How lovingly her father bought some gift or other like anklets,shiny bangles,bindi,powder,cream, nail polish, ribbons, earrings etc, whenever he went to the city or some festival and her mother took all her time to dress herContinue reading “I’ll sway with the breeze…”

Worthy to worship??

Good night.”Next morning,Adi got up early,bathed and dressed in his new attire and left to celebrate Ganesh puja at his grandparents’ apartment. She got fully drenched and returned home in the fear of falling sick.Adi remained with his grandparents,attended the ‘bisarjan’ puja and last ‘puspanjali’ of the Lord,ate the feast and enjoyed immensely with theContinue reading “Worthy to worship??”

The girl who refused to obey#live on your own terms

Exactly according to her name,she was a restless,violent crashing wave ,pounding on the rocky shoreline of my expectations.Belonging to a religious city like Banaras,my mother was a stunch believer of pujas, rituals, mantras of worship and Urmi was just the opposite.And poor me being sandwiched between the two everyday.I even advised Urmi,”You tell my motherContinue reading “The girl who refused to obey#live on your own terms”

Thank you teacher,for making me come out of the box…

Believe me,it was the talk of the year for my old town inhabitants that a bright student had left such a famous school and transferred to an ordinary school in the same town in the middle of the session in 9th class.But this incident changed my life. FOLLOW Soumya Mishra https://www.momspresso.com/parenting/kuchh-to-log-kahenge/article/thank-you-teacher