Is Mom Always The Best Teacher???

The prisoner with the death penalty scheduled at 5am,was sitting in his coll,in a thoughtful mood. He was bathed,the Bhagavad-Gita was read to him by a priest and then the jailor asked him about his last wish which will be fulfilled. He said, I want to meet my mother for the last time.”

His mother was called urgently and he insisted to meet her in a closed room without any security guards. The warden allowed it, considering the good behaviour all these days in jail.

Some minutes after his mother’s entry into his cell,shrieks came out from inside the cell and the guards ran into the room. They found the mother of the culprit lying on the floor with her ears and nose bitten off,the floor stained with a lot of blood everywhere and the woman was in a lot of pain. She was rushed to the hospital and her accused son’s hands and feet were bound with chains,and thrown into solitary confinement after such a violent incident.

The warden and some other policemen rushed into the prisoner’s cell ,and demanded him to answer why he’d committed such a heinous act?

The prisoner replied,”My father had died in my toddler stage. So my mother was my teacher,mentor,friend ,philosopher and guide. When I started stealing vegetables from the neighborhood gardens,she received them with appreciation towards me and cooked delicious dishes for both of us. When I stole money, chocolates,copies and pencils from other students in the school,she encouraged me saying that I was a self sufficient boy at that age,taking care of all my needs myself. When I malpracticed in my exams ,she said,” It’s ok dear. Only passing is important.” When I started eveteasing and harassing girls in college and streets,she said,”This is the age to enjoy my dear. These girls do not deserve respect. Look at the was they dress up. After all men will be men.” When I abused my wife both physically and mentally everyday after I returned home in a drunkard condition everyday,my mother enjoyed the situation and inspired me,” Very good,my son. This is the way men should keep their wives in control.”She never dissuaded me from extortion ,hooliganism etc. Rather she felt proud that her son was such a powerful person whom everybody obeyed.

Now that I received capital punishment for brutal gang tape and murder, I thought I should pay tribute to my perpetual teacher,who never taught me to pay respect to women as well as other human beings and animals and never taught me the difference between right and wrong in life.

Published by Soumya mishra

A doctor by profession but a dreamer,repelled by the harsh world of science, trying to pursue the passion of my life that is literature

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